Seminarian Noah Minton

Noah Minton

  • Parish: St. Maria Goretti
  • High School: Veritas Preparatory Academy
  • Grade School: Ville de Marie Academy
  • Favorite Saint(s): Maximilian Kolbe, Pope John Paul the Great, Maria Goretti, Juan Diego, Peter, Anthony of Padua, Joseph

I grew up as the middle child between two sisters, and the son of two zealous catholic parents. I lived in the same house in old town Scottsdale for my entire childhood, and went Veritas High School. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve formed a great respect and interest for the ways that God introduces beauty in our lives, especially in the visual arts and music. I’ve also always had a great love for physical activity and being outdoors. I found myself playing any sport I could find when I was younger, and some of my favorites became soccer, football, wrestling, and rugby. By the time I started high school, all of my interests dragged me in tons of different directions, and I was always very busy with all of the different activities that I was involved with. It often seemed, however, that I spent much of my time with different Catholic communities throughout Arizona. I was able to experience the joy and humanity of the priesthood from a very early age. My faith has been constant, and foundational in my life for as long as I can remember, and I believe that this is greatly attributed to my parents. They did something for my sisters and I that I believe is not incredibly common among catholic families today, and that was helping us to form a personal relationship with Christ. A personal relationship with the Lord is not one that easily fades, and in my case, it has helped me to know God’s voice, and discern a call to the priesthood.